My favorite book

Written in response to the Indispire challenge:

Your favourite book or author. How did it/he/she influence you? Why do you think others should read it/him/her?

1000 suns.jpg

A book that was a compulsive read

One that made my heart bleed

As I followed raw emotions laid bare

Of Mariam and Laila, two maidens fair

“A Thousand Splendid Suns” revealed to me

The Kabul of dreams lost to misery

Two resilient women who shared 

Their husband, their lives, as they cared

Deeply for each other, united by tragic fate

Nurtured a  bond too deep to estimate

One sacrificed her life for her friend

Ending her futile, dismal existence

Liberating them both with one bold stroke-

This is an epic saga that spoke

Directly to me, brought tears to my eyes

As I read about powerful love and sacrifice

Let me share my thoughts with you

Maybe you’d find it remarkable too-


A man has penned this story of two strong women

While unrelentingly cruel, and morally  weak  are all men-

I do applaud the author, Khaled Hosseini for

Showing strong women in a country torn by war..

Read the book, I urge, and you shall find

An indelible print left on your mind.



















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