social-media.jpgThere was a time when “like” meant

A look of approval, a personal compliment

And “followers” belonged to people well-known

Leaders, actors, business tycoons and so on..

Entered the web and now you could follow

Millions of websites that could show

Information interesting and useful to you

Posted by someone ordinary too.


Social media had its genesis soon after

With an avalanche of facebook, instagram and twitter

Now the web became your canvas to display

Every aspect of your life, to friends far away

Each other’s followers  now you could be

Exchanging exclamations and likes and smileys

You began to “like” everything- good or bad

There’s no dislike option even for news that’s sad..


Ranting about “likes” and “followers”, let me tell you

The array of platforms on which I look forward to

Appreciative comments, likes and follows everyday-

This blog,  facebook and its friends have their say

Then there is “Research Gate” to flaunt my academic prowess

How can I neglect my professional success?

So it pings me when someone references and reads

An article of mine, satisfying my hidden narcissistic needs.


Such is the world today, making us obsessed

About the number of likes, follows and friend requests

Firing up the beast of competition within

At least in cyberspace we know how to win!


(Image source:http://stopsoldiersuicide.org/)














Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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