Holiday stress

DSC04336Throngs of people milling about

The stores, shopping, without a doubt

That it is absolutely necessary

To buy that non-functional but pretty accessory

To give as a gift to someone whose name

Appears on their holiday list, it’s part of the game

An unwritten rule that circulates in society

Says exchanging gifts constitutes propriety

So stressed out and frantic, tired souls attempt

To buy “meaningful gifts”, while each dollar spent

Escalates the stress that has been persistent

Casting its ugly shadows over holiday sentiment..


Your love for someone has to be tangible-

Gift-wrapped, anything else is unthinkable

Holidays are for spreading warmth and cheer

But all that is lost under the thin veneer

Of lips forced into smiles that demons hide

Of stress, over money and exhaustion, deep inside-

Time to remember-holidays don’t come from the store

Maybe the holidays mean something more…

This holiday season I wish you the best

Hope you put holiday stress to rest!

P.S. The picture here depicts Santa’s gift delivery system for Christmas- at Yankee Candle Village, MA














Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

2 thoughts on “Holiday stress

  1. Of lips forced into smiles that demons hide – Brilliant!!! Just Brilliant! I read your other work also, and your words are like myriad of colours split across a prism – they are crisp and very real.
    I’m highly impressed by your writing style. Keep up the good work.


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