The Fortune Teller

Stuck in a rut, without a vocation She scoured through horoscope sections for any insinuation That her life would soon on an upward swing be Bringing job prospects and money She alternated between job searches and horoscopes on the net Nothing was changing, she re-examined her skill set   With a flair for writing an […]

Will toot my horn

I cannot help but notice how these days Self-promotion has become easier in many ways So the talents that we had were meant to be showcased Before close friends and family, often based On the context and occasion, employed strategically To garner praise, or arouse envy specifically- Now there is a smattering of our “talents” […]

I’m afraid when I hear…

There are some phrases that come loaded With premonition of a bomb that has exploded My adrenergic system promptly goes into gear When these ominous phrases I hear Fear grips me, I start to prepare For what could be my worst nightmare- “I need to show you something” is one  I wonder what error of commision […]


Nomophobia- the fear of being without a cell-phone “Cell phones are so convenient that they’re an inconvenience.” ― Haruki Murakami, Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage The skies crashed down on me that day The axis of my earth began to sway The day I committed an error of omission What an error […] name

Let me tell you something that might sound Quite narcissistic the first time around How about searching for your name  On the world wide web, are you game? I have searched for my name just for fun To find if my unique name is more common Than I thought, but the kind of information That I […]

Drama Queens and Facebook

Through ages has royalty been around Queens finely dressed and painfully delicate Getting attention without making a sound With countless commoners who would on them wait..   In the world today, however, you don’t need to be A bona fide member of the rare nobility Anyone can be a queen- a drama queen, you see By signing […]

Soap opera

I know soap operas are no longer popular in the US, but they are an integral part of the culture in India (words from Wikipedia). Here’s my brief take on soap operas: (Image link: When you want a taste of the melodramatic When you want a break from everything pragmatic Switch on the idiot box […]


There was a time when “like” meant A look of approval, a personal compliment And “followers” belonged to people well-known Leaders, actors, business tycoons and so on.. Entered the web and now you could follow Millions of websites that could show Information interesting and useful to you Posted by someone ordinary too.   Social media had its genesis […]

The prejudiced

They had, on everything an opinion,  A book of standards against which to measure No deviation from rules could they envision This strict adherence was something they did treasure From the way one should look and dress Down to the shade of skin that was acceptable Only the right mannerisms could impress Them, after all they […]