Plunder of the earth

DSC04066We are a species of intelligence superior

With the audacity to transform nature-

We take freely from the earth its treasures

And modify them aggressively for our pleasures.


The fruits of the earth are not always perfect

We know it, but why should we this fact accept

The food we eat should epitomize perfection

For which we have created genetic modification


So we get used to fruits bigger and juicier

They all look the same, not one is peculiar

Our breads are much softer and fluffier

Thanks to hybridization over the years..


We have taken fossil fuels freely from earth

They are like liquid gold in their worth

Our carbon footprints have increased in size

And global warming is making the oceans rise…



How can I not mention destructive nuclear power

Genetic mutations are caused by radioactive showers

The soil is poisoned for eons to come-

This is regarded as success by some..



But every infringement exacts a price

The earth has been suffering, it’s not always nice

Thus unpredictable weather patterns we see

Hail from an earth disappointed in humanity


We need to remember we cannot bite

The hand that feeds us, or else it would fight

In retaliation- cataclysmic events might occur

We need to stop this mindless plunder!







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