To my younger self

DSC05384.JPGIf I could go back in time and be an advisor

To my younger self, now that I am wiser

I know the first thing I would do

Is teach her that she is beautiful too

For this is how myself I now perceive

But it would be hard to make her believe

That the awkward adolescent who the mirror terrifies

Is a lovely young woman who should, in her own eyes,

Be as awesome and unique as she aspires to be –

Confidence in herself would be her best accessory

For her beauty, wit, intelligence or character

She needs no external validation, she has all these in her

I would tell her to face the world with her dazzling smile

In any adversity it would help her go the extra mile

I would tell her to stop paying undue attention

To others’ opinions, their criticism is but an extension

Of their insecurities, the demons that haunt them

For their opinions, neither she nor they are to blame

In the same vein I would remind her to

Restrain herself from being critical of others too

I wish I could show her, make her aware

About others’ lives, most people hardly ever care



Of course she might not like my advice and be indignant

At her age, life is confusing and peer pressure is significant

The wisdom that over years I have imbibed

I would like to distil and in a nutshell provide

To her so as to protect her from pain

Prevent her from going down the path of self-doubt again



Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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