An idea

DSC05948He had an idea quite unconventional

In a conservative environment, quite radical

Ridiculed by all, projected to be

A colossal failure, most certainly

His family and friends expressed great concern

Over his maverick ways, certain he would burn

All of his meager savings in a flash

Foolish it was to drown in this way his cash

That happened to be the unanimous opinion

He would not get approval in years million

His belief in his dream began to waver

But luckily for him, he had a life-saver

When the rest of the world refused to believe

In him, one person did not his side leave

Although she could not predict his success any better

She had to stand by him, success or failure did not matter

As his better half she was the pillar he required

Of unwavering support, as momentum he acquired

To transform his idea into reality

Launch it in a market devoid of fidelity

Amid long hours, tense moments and uncertainty

He powered ahead, fueled by the energy of creativity

Amid tense moments, hard work and nights sleepless

He and his wife carried on nevertheless

Knowing that the only way to find out

If he was a failure was to try the idea out.


This is not fiction, so I will not say

That magic happened and brought success his way

He worked hard, stumbled, revised and rerevised

Paid attention to everything his critics had advised

Broke his back trying to find a sponsor, its true

When he found one, he found another supporter too

Even the early naysayers starting showing interest

He was able to find some allies to test

The ingenious product that he had designed

Now he was somewhat more firm in his mind

That his idea would be of some value

In a fickle world, some might be the best he could do


Since I like happy endings I will tell you

His idea was highly successful, its true

He persevered and was grounded always

Fate had to reward him one of these days!





Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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