DSC05378In this world where everyone tries to be perfect

One certain way to gather universal respect

Seems to be to spend long hours at work

Leave the office early, and even if you don’t shirk

Any responsibility, you would still be perceived

As irresponsible and lazy, since it’s widely believed

Staying late is tantamount to being industrious

It portrays the image of a career illustrious

Family comes second, work scores higher

Is the mantra if higher goals you aspire

The image of a consummate professional

Is that of a steady worker who stays unruffled

By any predicament, stress or upheaval

Faced by him in the realm personal

So most of us try to put up a front brave

Of valuable things, livelihood is the first thing to save..

Thus forced workaholics do we become

Work then steadily becomes burdensome.


We might invest ourselves in our vocation

But our value at work has a date of expiration

So all walls crumble when work is no longer present

And neglected loved ones have made themselves absent

All those hours spent toiling lose their importance

With the sad realization that there is nothing left of substance..


So I urge you to take stock at present

If towards workaholism you might be bent

Remember your family and friends while they are

Still close to you, don’t let them go far!













Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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