“A moment of gratitude makes a difference in one’s attitude.”-Bruce Wilkinson

5 paint I went through life, often irate and dissatisfied

Thought complaining about it was my birth-right

Most people complained, gratefulness was rare-

Channeled one day of the year as a special affair

When things, as they often do, went wrong in quick succession

I whined and complained some more- yes, hear my confession

I truly believed that sharing my woes in this fashion

Would alleviate my grief and lighten my burden

But instead I found myself spiraling  every day

Further into the maze of resentment, to my dismay

Though occasionally I’d be thankful  for my possessions

Finding imperfections largely occupied my concentration..


Fortunate I am to see in my professional life everyday

The vagaries of life and death in every possible way

Over the years many life lessons I’ve been taught

By patients of mine; based on the battles they fought

On one day that seemed especially depressing

When no positive thought I felt capable of expressing

I saw a sick patient, on his bedside table was displayed

A wooden plaque with the following words engraved-


“In everything give thanks..”- this message almost appeared

To be directed at me; even as my patient who feared

His surgery scheduled for the next day, shared with me


How he was still grateful to God in his state of misery

He did not know what tomorrow held in store

But he had today to give thanks some more

For being alive and in pain that he could still tolerate-

And here I was, complaining, in a much better state!

Wishing him good luck I went ahead with my day

Determined to bring gratitude in my heart in some way…


Whenever I feel negativity creeping up on me

All the blessings in my life I then try to see

Try to give thanks for what I’ve taken for granted

This gratitude then dispels those feelings unwanted

It has been an arduous task, I must explain

It’s hard to give thanks, when I want to complain

All I can tell you is that genuine gratitude 

Has helped me develop a positive attitude

Towards things, people, relationships, and more

I feel one step closer to the happiness door!








Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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