I Dream of Colors

colors of india

Changes were many when I changed my land

Some I embraced, some I could barely stand

Some so subtle  they were barely perceived

Until substantial transformation I had achieved-

Amid this acculturation one day I realized

That color was ebbing from my life, in front of my eyes

My wardrobe, once filled with brilliant hues

Now boasted of blacks, muted greys and blues

Which was perfect, professionally appropriate

(Made me blend in smoothly, I must state)

Those embroidered, mirror-worked home furnishings were

Replaced by clean lines and white linens demure

My food lost the pungence and bright yellow hue

Of turmeric, as I cooked with fewer spices too

I missed multicolored kites flown in the sky

Trying to bid the winter gods goodbye

I missed the vibrant rangolis on the floor

Adorning the entrance at every door

Reminiscing over the fun-filled holiday

Of Holi, nostalgia took me in its sway

How I longed to play with colors, wet and dry

Paint the town in every shade under the sky…


To satisfy my nostalgic craving I brought

Home bright colors, in small aliquots-

Starting from my wardrobe, and extending

To my home and hearth, tastefully blending

Western monotones with vivid Indian hues

I set my Indian inner goddess loose..

Reminding me again how my life amalgamates

The cultures of India and the United States!











Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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