“History is the sum total of things that could have been avoided.”-

Konrad Adenaur


Weighed down by the burden 

Of an unimaginative, rote-based curriculum

Learning historical facts appeared to me

To be the grandest exercise in futility-

Yesterday was dead; it did not make any sense

To spend precious time on the past, in the presence

Of exciting developments taking place everywhere

My eyes were on the future, why did I have to care

About the dark middle ages steeped in ignorance

I could not imagine seeing the world with their lens..

I decided to concentrate all my efforts and energy

On preparing for the future, that seemed a clever strategy..

Thus I ignored the five thousand year old history

Of my people, I cared little for my ancestry.


As I grew up in a world with shrinking borders

Was exposed to political turmoil and disorder

I realized all manifest conflicts today

Had their genesis in the pages of yesterday

As I grew up I also realized, inevitably

That in my lifetime I had seen the creation of history

The past is inextricably intertwined

With the present, we humans are destined

To weave a new future on the tapestry

Of the past; thus the importance of history..


So I decided to get acquainted with the past

Was afraid my enthusiasm would not last-

I was so wrong; I ended up enthralled

By history of mankind, how we had evolved

The subject that has such a burden been

In school, was fascinating when with new eyes seen-

I see now how history can encourage and inspire

People to follow their ambitions and desires. 

(This photograph was taken at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, Washington DC.)




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