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Like most other inhabitants of the world these days

I need  the internet in many different ways

The more I browse the deeper I sink in

The mud of navigating the page that says “log in”

Fifty percent of my time is spent, I think

In clicking the “Forgot username/ password” link

Starting with the password-protected wi-fi network,

To online transactions, logging in is certain to irk

Me at least once or twice every single day

I’ve tried but failed to come up with a way

To remember my passwords for each application

They are finicky about the configuration

That should include numbers and letters

Upper and lower cases, and special characters

When creating one, sometimes I get angry

When “weak password” flashes at me

Finally I come up with something smart

Obvious enough for me to remember by heart

But it rarely works and soon I find

As I silently curse my inadequate mind

That cannot remember passwords and I  

Am forced to find another exotic one under the sky

When I manage to remember, I get a reminder

That it is time for the creative password to expire

So I have to change it, no matter what

Of course in a safe place I do try to jot

All my passwords; old and new

But applications needing passwords keep increasing too

There are websites that I infrequently access

Keeping track of their passwords has met with little success

Maybe I should make my password “incorrect”

I would be automatically reminded me in case I forget

Now I am going back to reset my password again

For an application that has been causing me  some pain..







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5 thoughts on “Password decoded

  1. “Weak password” irks me more than anything else! I tried to print out an online recipe from a TV cooking show I had just watched. The website wanted me to create a password-protected account. To print out a recipe?! Suddenly, I was not that hungry.

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