The sedentary dreamer

Nothing in the world arouses the envy  Of a competitive soul like me Than seeing people running along the way While I drive to and from work every day I ogle at their calves, beautifully sinewed And the feeling of discontent is renewed Within me- at my apparent inability To run- or exercise, despite lack […]

Song du jour

I am fortunate to have grown up listening to Songs from Bollywood films, perhaps you Are not acquainted with the range of emotions expressed In a smorgasbord of melodies, here I do confess That each time I feel any emotion intense There is a song appropriate for that experience Often as I feel the emotion, […]

Vertically challenged

There have been many times I have lamented My height, or lack thereof, the idea firmly cemented In my mind that the world respects stature in every way A towering presence can make heads sway The world is designed for people much taller than me Thus I suffer in “high” chairs, my legs dangling aimlessly I […] name

Let me tell you something that might sound Quite narcissistic the first time around How about searching for your name  On the world wide web, are you game? I have searched for my name just for fun To find if my unique name is more common Than I thought, but the kind of information That I […]

Quest for the perfect gift

This is that anxiety-provoking time of the year When people shell out money and continue to fear Whether the cash they’ve doled out is well-spent On gifts they have selected for each recipient There is an element of uncertainty inherent  When you shop for that supposedly perfect present That appeals to the recipient and to […]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

This is the time of the year when Temptations abound for men and women To loosen the purse strings that have been tight And dish out moolah for everything in sight With a sense of urgency that might appear As if apocalypse was drawing near Black Friday and Cyber Monday Each one has become an awaited day […]

Taedium vitae

“It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”- Marilyn Monroe Getting bored is a dangerous thing- First, it makes me loosen my purse strings Shop online for things I don’t need That’s pouring money down the drain indeed Second, it makes me mindlessly chew Food of all variety, anything edible would do The fullness […]