Inner Voice

“Don’t shush your inner voice. It is who you are.”DSC05390There is the little voice that is housed

Inside us, quiet as a church mouse

That tries its best, our guardian angel to be

Tries to protect us from  walking into calamity

Holding us back when we are being reckless

Cheering us on when we are feckless

This voice is so quiet, we often can’t register

It above the cacophony of constant chatter

That envelops us most of the time, most days

Much louder, therefore we disregard what this voice says

I think this is a tragic situation for mankind

Where other’s opinions rule our minds..


I was no exception, and did not pay heed

To my inner voice, in times of need

Was quick to accept what I was told

Growing up in a paternalistic society’s fold

Disregarded my instinct on many occasions

Only to realize that others’ opinions 

Did not work for me,  better it would have been

Had I the wisdom of hearing my inner voice seen



I started paying attention when I realized

My sixth sense- this voice, gave counsel wise

When I had complex patients to treat

My innate sense gave me insight indeed

When things seemed straightforward enough

But this voice nagged me to reassess my stuff

To take a second look, valuable clues I would find

That changed everything, and I would remind

Myself to be more cognizant of my voice

That would steer me towards the right choice


Many voices shall continue to invade

Our hearing fields, we have to wade

Through the noise to reach inside

Wherein lies wisdom to tackle this world wide. 






Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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