Food glorious food

(This poem strictly reflects my opinion on food fads with no intent to criticize individual food preferences.)


I notice there is a growing trend
Among my acquaintances and friends
Of believing in food fads that are mushrooming
Leading to crazy new diets, each one assuming
That adding or subtracting one ingredient
Can solve all your problems, irrespective of their extent
Help you lose weight (most important, isn’t it?)
Miraculously make you active and fit
Improve your sleep, concentration and endurance
I try hard to believe all of this,but it does not make sense
As to why expensive exotic ingredients are required
To make life better, to get results desired


I thought the origin of civilization
Can be traced to the beginning of cultivation
And bread made from wheat sustained generations
Of humans across the globe, then why the condemnation
Of wheat- being gluten-free is the new fad
Substitute with costly ingredients, because wheat is so bad
What would we grow if wheat disappeared
To feed billions- to me the scenario is weird
Another food fad that I find difficult to comprehend
Is why kale is a super food all alone, while a blend
Of mixed vegetables, cooked and raw, in every hue
Should lack the same properties? (They are cheaper too)
Thus we have kale chips (highly processed, mind you)
Being considered healthy snacks, that is just not true
Or the new trend of juicing that I perceive
As far too hyped up; I cannot believe
That something requiring an appliance sophisticated
Can be a panacea- its benefits must be overrated
I will not even talk about low-carb diets here
With their range of expensive products- be aware
That the low carb heaven they promise is loaded
With chemicals that might be junk once decoded


Of course these statements that appear extreme
Are my biased views, to others it might seem
That these diets offer benefits unique
They might offer health solutions that they seek
My final two cents on this topic are-
How many people can take these diets far
And stick to them, day after day, year after year
The number appears to be quite limited, I fear
To eat natural foods, sensibly and in moderation
Would be the best strategy, in my humble opinion.

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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