Guilt and apology

DSC_0266.JPGThere is something I wish to say

To you, it has gnawed at me every day

Since that incident when I had been

Blatantly wrong, inconsiderate and mean

I had ended up hurting you in my

Anger- since then each day I wonder why

My folly soon after I failed to recognize

Why did it take me months to realize

That the incident caused fault lines to appear

In the mantle of our relationship, my dear

The apology that never left my lips somehow

Turned into guilt that would not allow

Me any peace-the guilt just hung in the air, still

Like dense fog enveloping a rolling hill

The air between us icy like the winds Arctic

The silence of resentment cut me to the quick

I blamed myself for this endless winter 

Between us, yet could not muster

The courage to apologize to you, thinking

It was too late, our relationship was already sinking…


The guilt grew within me, causing my transformation

Into a raging insomniac, desperate for salvation

Years had passed, we had gone separate ways

The air had not been cleared in all these days

I had to do this, late as it might have been

I had to wipe my proverbial state clean

So I set out to apologize to you-yes, that’s true

Seemed to me you had forgotten the details too

You accepted my apology with some trepidation

Not lowering your guard, it was an awkward situation

While our friendship was not restored to its glory

I could breathe easier since I said I was sorry

The guilt that I had carried in my heart 

Was shaken off, of me it was no longer a part!





Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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