The Caregiver

As a physician dealing with patients with advanced, often end-stage heart disease, I come across a lot of patients who are receiving excellent care at home by their family members who have sacrificed their personal lives to care for their loved ones. Our team has a support group for caregivers where they share stories about […]

Girls of a feather

You grow up, find the right man, get married You grow a family, soon you are a mother harried Your life revolves around work and family When one fine day, quite suddenly There comes a message out of the blue From your old girlfriend, reminding you Of priceless moments spent in the company Of each other, […]

The Relationship

Introduced to each other by a mutual acquaintance Both accepted the introduction with mutual nonchalance Not particularly inclined to strike a meaningful conversation They made small talk out of politeness, with some hesitation Then came the innocuous comment that inspired Both of them to laugh- in that moment fate seemed to have conspired To draw […]

Postcards from nowhere

Days and nights stretched out endlessly As she sat in a corner, listlessly Knees drawn to her chest, a vacant gaze The world outside whizzed by in a haze She occupied her corner wishing she could Perish without a trace- at least that would Put an end to her misery, stem the torrent Of guilt and […]

Floral entreaties

You knew I was naive, you knew I was a lover Of exotic flowers of every hue and color So I was carried away when you sent Expensive flowers to impress me, my friend Accompanied by tasteful cards, handwritten Etched with soulful poetry, you knew I was smitten From humongous hybrid roses to orchids rare I cherished every […]

The Magic of the Holidays

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.”Hamilton Wright Mabie Holiday lights twinkled all around Powdery snow was sprinkled all over the ground The stores were lit brightly, music wafted through the doors She waited for the holidays to take their course Knowing that the gaiety pervading the air […]

A fallible mother

As a parent a constant conundrum I face Of finding the middle ground, that perfect place Where on my child, I do not put extra pressure Yet disciplined learning I somehow ensure There’s so much to learn, so much to imbibe For a five year old, sometimes it’s hard to describe Things in a way suited for […]