Inspiration Overload

dsc07457I’ve observed a growing trend

Among my acquaintances and friends

Of sharing on social media every day

Inspirational quotes with clever word play

Superimposed on a backdrop spectacular

Of natural beauty, of vistas singular

Thoughts for the day meant to inspire

Soak in positive energy, before the world can conspire

To derail your plans and bring disenchantment

Feel hopeful, before sets in disappointment..


Of course I reach out for my phone once awake

I’m hungry for stimulation before I can shake

Sleep from my body and my foggy mind

I am greeted with messages of the motivational kind-

Telling me to take the first step, or be

The change in the world I wish to see

Or do one thing every day that is scary

Or not to be lonely, the universe lies in me..

When this first started, I used to smile

Pause and ponder on the quote for a while

Then the quotes began to blur into each other

Rumi, Gandhi, Buddha- everything seemed scattered

Words I would still read, without any emotion

Scrolling through them was just going through the motions

Artistic photography I still would admire

To explore those places, I  did desire

Until the photoshopped images too lost their lustre

Such quotes keep mushrooming, I cannot register

Any longer what they are trying to say

I might look at just one to start my day

Usually it shaves off some time precious

From my morning, delaying me thus..


Writing this poem, I migrate in my mind

Back to school days, where you could find

Neatly written below the date on the board

A “Thought for the Day” by the teacher- I adored

This practice, reading a quotation that inspired

Lifted my spirits, fueled my desire

To change myself and improve my ways

But those were my impressionable days..


I am still a believer ( I use quotes liberally

In my posts) but this is inspiration overload literally

In the midst of a bad hair day, I rarely  get

The appropriate message to make me forget 

About everything bad, that is the moment crucial

When I need the power of a message motivational-

Until then I shall continue to largely ignore

Such messages, please do not send me more!













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A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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