The Fortune Teller


Stuck in a rut, without a vocation

She scoured through horoscope sections for any insinuation

That her life would soon on an upward swing be

Bringing job prospects and money

She alternated between job searches and horoscopes on the net

Nothing was changing, she re-examined her skill set


With a flair for writing an ability uncanny

To concoct stories interesting, she started thinking of the many

Ways to exploit her talent, she tried to obtain

Writing assignments, but remuneration was not worth the pain

Feeling dejected, wallowing in self-pity one day

Staring at her horoscope that promised success coming her way

A light bulb suddenly went off in her mind

An idea worth exploring, maybe this was a sign

Her interest in horoscopes and her writer’s background

Seemed to have finally found a common ground

She decided to learn the basics of astrology

(Online courses were abundant, this was a good strategy)

Then proceeded to start a modest website

That churned out horoscopes against a background bright

With a pinch of science and tons of imagination

She made interesting and actionable predictions

Soon her readership grew (there were many lost souls like her)

She knew how to give hope to those who suffered..


Her popularity grew, advertisers chimed in on her website

Soon she started charging for her predictions, the price was just right

For miserable folks to spend their hard-earned money

On any semblance of hope, she literally charged in pennies


Soon she was busy from morning to night

Spreading hope all around, she simply knew the right

Words to comfort people, give them hope where existed none

Within a year an authority in astrology she had become

She was invited to give TED talks that became popular

She became a diva, a public figure


Interesting it was that her prediction

For her zodiac sign never came to fruition

She knew it was a figment of her imagination

Yet she yearned for something to give her craft a validation…

Then one day after having written a love horoscope for her zodiac sign

She ran into a young man and her stars aligned

A new romance blossomed, according to her prediction

Her writing was finally more than just fiction


She is happily married now, and continues to write

Horoscopes on her enormously popular website!

Will toot my horn

DSC_0311 (2)

I cannot help but notice how these days

Self-promotion has become easier in many ways

So the talents that we had, meant to be showcased

To close friends and family, often based

On the context and occasion, employed strategically

To garner praise, or arouse envy specifically-

Now there is a smattering of our “talents” for all to see

On social media, to boost our self-esteems for free..

Most of us are guilty at some point or another

Of checking our profiles after posting with fervor

To see how many likes and comments we receive

We feel validated, we are admired we believe…


I suspect most of us would never be able to

Boast of our achievements the way we do

Out loud in front of an audience

But facebook gives us the confidence

To publicize, promote, self-aggrandize

While posting we do not even realize

That fifteen years ago we would not have dreamt

That showing off would become such a big trend..


Pardon me if the tone of this verse is too sanctimonious

Let me check the number of likes on my post ostentatious! 






Running out of the weekend..

versaillesAnother weekend is over and I

Watch the minutes go ticking by

Sunday night is here, and my

Anxiety level is reaching its weekly high

Where did the weekend go, I wonder

I feel so tired, I guess it was a blunder

To create a jam-packed schedule

It seems to be an unwritten rule

That we must socialize, do something new

While finding time for chores too

So in the mayhem of going out with friends;

And cooking, cleaning, running errands

I’ve tired myself out yet again-

I forgot my resolve to rest, I think in disdain

The grind of the next week is knocking at my door

I’m not ready for Monday, I need some more

Of a weekend that actually feels like one

Where I can relax and read, not be on the run

Yet again I decide my next weekend shall be

For rest and relaxation, absolutely-

Then I glance at my calendar and realize

There are social obligations next week, and thus dies

Any hope of a restful weekend in the future near

I just sigh and decide to catch up on sleep dear

Like it or not , I will have to face

Monday- for its shenanigans, myself I brace..







I’m afraid when I hear…

DSC_0195There are some phrases that come loaded

With premonition of a bomb that has exploded

My adrenergic system promptly goes into gear

When these ominous phrases I hear

Fear grips me, I start to prepare

For what could be my worst nightmare-

“I need to show you something” is one 

I wonder what error of commision or omission

Have I made in the last couple of days

“Needing” to show something is one of the ways



A blunder is revealed to an unsuspecting soul

(I do the same in the opposite role)

The other phrase that I fear is this one-

“We need to talk”- it means an altercation

Is about to ensue- I prepare instinctively

To defend myself in such an eventuality

Then there are those phrases dropped sotto-voce

That someone somehow brilliantly chose

To represent passive-aggressiveness

At its most artful, disguised best

“Just saying” is one of them, I think

Can make you feel guilty without raising a stink

“Just kidding” is along the same line

Whatever they said is just not fine

No one is “kidding”, the words are deliberate

They have stated exactly what they wanted to state..


And then there are the calls on my phone

From my son’s school, that chill me to the bone

The pessimist in me is convinced it’s bad news

The staff, though, has been in my shoes

So more often than not, the first sentence I hear

Is”Everything is fine with (my child)”, they know my fear..


So these are the phrases that never fail to scare me

This is one of life’s lessons, unfortunately!











Money can’t buy happiness


Money can’t buy you happiness, it’s a cliche, they say

Money can buy things that make one happy, any day

They tell me I am fortunate to be rolling in wealth

What can I tell you- I shed tears of sadness in stealth

Oh yes, I have money, in quantities that might appear

Quite excessive, in fact distastefully so, I fear



I must be happy, that is the general perception

Money gives me the freedom of choice and rejection

If I say I’m unhappy, ungrateful I appear to be

For not appreciating the fact that I am lucky

To be richer than most people around

Wherever I’ve  gone, this is the sentiment I’ve found…


Now I would like to plead my case and tell you

Why money can’t buy happiness is true

I have a plethora of choices that baffle me

Should I strive for mere comfort or revel in luxury?

While you drive a car that is affordable for you

I could do a Honda, a Tesla or a BMW

Having too many choices provokes anxiety

To the extent that sometimes I cannot clearly see

I suffer constantly on the relationship front too

Wondering what is more attractive out of the two

My personality or my money- I remain paranoid

Constant second-guessing disrupts my sangfroid

The circles where circulates my kind of money 

Are full of power games and subtexts that are not funny

When I try to befriend people who have less dough

The elephant in the room disrupts the flow

Of easy conversation, leaving me apologetic

For having money, I feel miserable and pathetic

I never seem to be able to belong anywhere

These are still trivial problems, of that I’m aware

Yet I cannot help but wonder how would life be

If I was born in a middle-class family..





The fault lies in my chronotype..

“Chronotype refers to the behavioral manifestation of underlying circadian rhythms of myriad physical processes. A person’s chronotype is the propensity for the individual to sleep at a particular time during a 24-hour period. ‘Eveningness’ (delayed sleep period) and ‘morningness’ (advanced sleep period) are the two extremes with most individuals having some flexibility in the timing of their sleep period.”- Wikipedia


(Image source:

So I am learning why it is so

Early in the morning I feel low

Perking up as the day goes by

Being most creative under the night sky-

Each day is a struggle when early I rise

I need caffeinated drinks of a certain size

To be able to get through the morning somehow-

I am jealous of those lucky people endowed

With the ability to wake at the crack of dawn

While the idea of doing so makes me yawn-

Turns out all of us have a “chronotype” 

While we can adapt, it’s difficult to change our tribe

So being an early riser or the one that stays up late

Turns out, these are actually qualities innate

Determined by genetics (of all things unfixable!)

That means waking early would be a struggle real

For me no matter how much I alter my sleep schedule

I’d always trudge lazily to morning meetings, as a rule..


Here’s the fun part that I am learning now

How to adjust to our bodily rhythms to allow

Our lives to get better, moods to elevate

Neither rise too early, nor sleep too late

Be more productive, make healthy choices

Be in sync with our bio-clocks, ignore other voices

So maybe I should learn to harness the power

Of my circadian rhythm, not worry about the hour

That my family wakes up (my husband and son

Are early birds, similar on the genetic spectrum)

Easier said than done, when the age-old dictum

Has been that the early bird catches the worm….

I guess I shall always struggle with early morning work

I can blame it on my genes, it’s not work that I shirk!














Don’t talk about it!

3-paintLife is complicated, we know that’s true
Fast-paced, stressful, anxiety-provoking too
So in the world today, culturally acceptable it has become
To talk about anxiety and various ways it can be overcome
From yoga to mindfulness, and therapy sessions
Expensive ways to combat anxiety are the new obsession
While these things help, I agree they do
I’d like to present a provocative idea too
Talking and thinking about anxiety is counterproductive
The more we acknowledge its presence the more we give
Ourselves the opportunity to get anxious
Instead of going about our merry way we lose moments precious
In thinking about our source of stress and how
To bring it down, as much as yoga or meditation would allow
What I think we should do is to pay no heed
To the feelings of anxiety, so that we don’t feed
That little monster, just starve it to death
This way we might nip our issues in the bud instead
That is what I am trying to do; it’s harder to practice
Than preach, I hope I can master this!