The Best of Everything


The Best of Everything

Why do we always look for the best?

Why, I wonder, is there a perpetual quest

To find that elusive element of superiority

In everything we own, or do- when the majority

Of our life is spent somewhere in-between

Why do we aim for perfection unseen?


Yet another question comes to my mind

How is the very best of everything defined?

The higher you look, the higher the bar

What seems near becomes increasingly far

So there’s a mirage we end up chasing

Ignoring the journey that could be amazing..


Those were my thoughts as one fine day

I spent introspecting, not content with the way

My life and career seemed to progress-

An average pace seemed inadequate, I confess

I longed to strive towards the “best” 

However I could not put to rest

The question of how to define this term

The uncertainty of this answer made me squirm 

I could do better, but the best seemed to be

A nebulous concept removed from reality..


After intense  mental exercise I concluded

The answer to the question that had eluded

Me was that “best”was a term relative

For each individual, its aim was to give 

Each individual some boost to do “better”

So, better or best, it did not matter-

While “best” is the point of satisfaction individual

“Better ” indicates discontentment residual


So the gist of all this is (simplified)-

I shall strive to be better, and once satisfied

I shall consider myself to be the “best”

Thus my conundrum is laid to rest!









Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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