Woman and Society

venetian thinkerAh, you fickle society

With your norms arbitrary

Established by those in authority-

When will you learn to deal with me?


If I did possess, proudly

Alluring, exquisite beauty

If I were willing to sacrifice

My intellect, often perceived as a vice

You would know where to place

Someone like me, just a pretty face..

If I were meek and willing forever

To lean on a broader (?stronger) shoulder

You would readily be able to

Put in a box, label me, wouldn’t you?

If my eyes dripped of vulnerability

You would look at me quite comfortably..

To parochial authority if I could submit

My desires, aspirations if I could forfeit

I would merge in your fabric

Seamlessly, without perturbing your rubric

If I never raised a voice of dissent

Never ventured beyond the extent

Of liberties allotted to me

By those who think they shape you, society

I would live life predictably

Fitting right in, respectably..


Ah, my dear society, you see

I do not fit in those molds, unfortunately..

Underdosed in beauty I happen to be

Wit and intellect were bestowed on me

In reasonable quantities-

Your irrational vagaries

Exasperate me, I am forced

To say things that are not endorsed

By your members esteemed

Therefore, to me it has often seemed

That my chutzpah makes it difficult for you

To be comfortable with me, isn’t that true?

Afraid I am not, no shoulder I need

(I can offer my delicate shoulder indeed)

In your carefully woven tapestry

I clearly stand out like a jarring accessory

I speak my mind, sending your members

Scrambling for suitable answers…

Your stereotypes fail to classify me

We need a middle ground that I don’t see

I keep hoping someday we shall find

A way to celebrate both beauty and mind!














Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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