A Mother’s Letter


Dear daughter, let me tell you

So that you can see through my lens too

The story of my life spanning two continents

I’ll share with you my innermost sentiments

I came to this country as a young bride

Apprehensive, with your father by my side

A sheltered existence I had led until then

Never been outside my state- like many women

Going to college on a bus was the only adventure

I had ever been a part of, I had never ventured

Alone beyond my college and my home

The streets were not meant for girls to roam

I learnt about the world in the college library

Ambition was not expected to be in my vocabulary

Though sometimes about travel I did fantasize

I never let improbable dreams cloud my eyes…


When marriage to your father was arranged

The remarks I heard from people ranged

From those of jealousy to those of condemnation

At the prospect of setting up home in a different nation

I was excited and afraid in equal measure

I “practiced” an American accent with pleasure

In anticipation of the move to the enchanted land

This was a big adventure for me, you may understand


Settling in a small town in the suburbia where

I felt so different that I could not dare

To venture out in my impractical sarees-

Wearing Indian clothes I did cease

This forced array into Western attire

Pushed me on the step to assimilation higher

Then I learnt to drive, a giant step, I would say

Towards freedom that came day by day

In the midst of this I learnt to substitute

New foods that resembled the food of my roots

I missed home terribly, yet I was aware

I had much more freedom, the balance was fair

With no one to tell me how to behave or what to do

I was free to reinvent myself too..


Free from societal obligations, with time on my hands

I tried to revive my old passions in this new land

My love for art combined with the need to express

Helped me create some good pieces, I must confess

The longing for home a crucial part did play

In my art- I doubt things would have turned out this way

If I had been at home, I might not have been inspired

I might have been too busy to do what my heart desired


I did not reach the place at which I am today

Without trials and tribulations along the way

Now I showcase my work in galleries

Displaying my Indian heritage, wearing sarees…

My daughter, I still consider this freedom to create

Art at my whim, a privilege awarded by fate..


I see you know, raised very differently from me

With a plethora of choices, you are completely free

To do what you want- I know you long to be

A violinist par excellence, and I shall see

That you get the best training available here

Yet the one thing I want you to remember, dear

Your strongest feelings translate into the best art

So, today, on your first solo recital, just play from the heart..


Remember, if I could achieve success beyond my imagination

You are bound to taste it, with your grit and ambition!






















Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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