Carpe Diem


This is the break that I clearly need-

She said to herself, settling down to read

An interesting book in a cosy corner

Of her hotel room, she had left behind her

The mayhem of her life as a homemaker,

A busy career woman, and a mother..

Teetering at the edge of a major burnout

She had sought refuge here, without

Telling her family why and where

She had gone, of course she did take care

To let them know she would be gone for a day

She needed a break, and there seemed no other way..


Her mind, however, conditioned to place

The needs of her family first, had difficulty making space

For the idea of snatching away from her family

A day for herself- she found it difficult to be guilt-free

Checking into a hotel for a night all alone

Was something she still couldn’t believe she had done

She worried if her precious children were all right

Without her being at home to tuck them in at night

Although this escape she had justified to herself before

This was a selfish move- said a voice she could not ignore..


While she tried to relax, still feeling conflicted

She received a text message, at first she resisted

Looking at it, afraid that something at home 

Was not quite right- but finally picked up the phone-

“Carpe diem!” the text from her husband said

That everything was fine at home came in another text

Relieved, she put all her worries aside

She would seize the day, and go for the ride

Today was the day, her rare chance to unwind

To rejuvenate her tired body and mind.





Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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