Writer’s block


The well of words has run dry, it appears

I am here facing my biggest fear

The dreaded writer’s block has invaded

Every creative bone, all my ideas have faded

Away from my mind-a reminder on facebook I see

That I have not posted anything on my blog recently

Jolting me into action, forcing me to think

About what to write, ideas do not appear in a blink..


So I google “ideas for poems” and try to find

A way to inspire my lethargic, vapid mind

I try the first suggestion and take a glance

Outside my window, and perchance

The view is beautiful, all covered in snow

I try to write about winter, but  ideas do not flow

I try the second prompt on the list, it says-

Start with a quotation and take it your way

So I try to recall all the quotes I know

Search for some too, but unfortunately so

Further inspiration eludes me completely

I keep going down the list, just to see

If inspiration would strike me somewhere

That does not happen, I am in despair

Looks like a new poem is not going to be

Written anytime soon by me..

As I struggled, the “eureka” moment came to me 

I decided to describe my writer’s block, you see

The result is there for everyone to appraise

I had the will to write, so I found ways!









One thought on “Writer’s block

  1. Great attempt to fight with your writers block. Many post are now a days being posted about the same topic. The most dreadful think for a writer. Hope you gain yourself back soon and wish you all the best. 👍👍😊


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