The Weight of Expectations

istanbul girl

She had a story to tell, and for writing, a flair

She conjured up characters in thin air

And wove a yarn in a voice so original

In a format completely nontraditional

That when the first publisher read her manuscript

It would be a success- he did predict

The book was released- he was proved right

She became a celebrity overnight

As millions of copies quickly sold worldwide

She came to take recognition in her stride

Offers of contracts for her second book were many

She signed up quickly, but could not get ideas any

That were intriguing enough to make her spin a story

Expectations were high, and she did worry

About being labeled a one-book wonder

She did not wish to lose her thunder


Unlike the first time when her creativity had been

Unshackled, untarnished, unseen

This time the weight of expectations was upon her

Considering that, she still did deliver

Another masterpiece, not quite as distinctive

Yet up to readers’ expectations it did live

With that she became an acclaimed author

Expected to produce a book every year..


She became adept at churning out tales

Her books still did well, they did not fail

To deliver to her loyal readers what they desired

However she was now getting tired

Of writing similar stuff, her stories were formulaic

The zest was gone, her prose was now prosaic

The critics had moved on, there was plenty of talent around

Lavish praise for her books was no longer to be found


She continued to write, uninspired, bound by obligation

To her publishers and readers, despite her reservations

Until one day she read a scathing (but true) criticism

Of her new novel, she was forced to look through that prism

And realized writing had taken the shape of a chore

Her plots were contrived, they were not  interesting anymore

She decided then that she had to take a break

For herself, and for her craft’s sake..


Five years  later, after her self-imposed exile

She made an impressive comeback in style

With her masterpiece, the best that she had yet written

Readers and critics alike were smitten

To her, the reason behind this success was clear

She had removed herself from expectations, let go of fear

For the creative process does not work well under duress

An artist needs complete freedom to express..

















Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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