Creative writing course

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She entered the classroom with some trepidation

It had taken her courage to overcome her hesitation

Clutching her satchel, an empty seat she occupied

Nervously, she looked around, other women in groups she spied

Of course they looked much more confident

They must be better at expressing their sentiments

Self-doubt filled her, she wondered what had made her come here

A creative writing course existed in another hemisphere…


As the class began, nervously herself she introduced

A homemaker from India was hardly enough to enthuse

This group of preppy, well-dressed local women

Who appeared to have much more creative acumen

Or so she thought, however the idea she proposed

For her literary debut, albeit somewhat verbose,

Was hailed as  something interesting and unique

In comparison to others’ ideas, her’s was definitely not weak..


Soon they were writing chapters and reading them out

Hearing some bad writing melted away her doubts

Several of her classmates wrote stuff that she would classify

As completely unreadable, her expectations were high

She knew she had a good story to tell, and the knack

Of keeping her audience hooked, enticing them to come back

To her story to know what happened next-

She peppered her stories with various subtexts


It came as no surprise that as the course neared completion

Only two participants had reached conclusion

Of their summer writing projects, and it was abundantly clear

That her writing had potential- she had nothing to fear


Her story was set on two continents and moved skilfully

Between past and present, weaving myth and reality

Liberal use of Indian proverbs made her language one of a kind

Her instructor, duly impressed, helped her find

A suitable publisher for her manuscript, ready and revised

It turned out to be a decision quite wise

The book was designed with interesting illustrations

Within a short period it became a sensation


If you ask her about the book, she would start

From the first day of class, when she did not have the heart

To go forward with the course- yet now she says

Her making it to the class was a sign in a way..


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A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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