Thou shalt not compare on Facebook

In my life I think I need

A new serenity prayer indeed-

I need serenity, courage, wisdom- all three

To set my soul from bondage free

An unhealthy sense of competition I’ve acquired

In the vicious circle of comparison I am mired

To everyone else around me, myself I compare

At their achievements on social media I stare

Then wallow in self-pity because my life, you know

Has nothing interesting going on, worth a show….


As I scroll through instagram feeds and facebook timelines,

There comes a point when despondency fills my mind

Protective instincts kick in to prevent further distress

I shun social media, stop tracking others’ progress

Freeing up more time, to do things that are worthwhile


When I do something interesting, I post it under my profile

Of course then I check out every notification as well

And I am back in my self-created hell

Of comparing others’ highlights to my

Behind-the scenes life- believe me, I try

To avoid these comparisons, but stop short

Of deleting social media accounts- I cannot

Be a recluse in the virtual world, that scares me

So I continue to go through cycles of misery….


I think a new commandment needs addition

To the Ten Commandments for the millennial edition

“Thou shalt not compare yourself to others on the internet”

Maybe that will have, at least on me, the desired effect…

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

5 thoughts on “Thou shalt not compare on Facebook

  1. “Freeing up more time to do things worthwhile.” That is exactly the solution. Abandoned Facebook four years ago; Insty three years ago. To your words, they became addicting and added little to my life. WordPress and LinkedIn are the only platforms I now follow — and each less and less as time goes by. It’s simply a matter of priorities and choice. All the best with what you decide to do. 🙂

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  2. Wise words and a great poem. So true too. Social media dictates and controls so many people’s lives these days by promoting that fear of missing out. Just need to try and use it sparingly and realise that everyone else on it is not more interesting or exciting than you, just more addicted.

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