The burden of choice

I live in a place with choices abundant…

Such that picking favorite objects seems redundant

Any kind of food, any cuisine that I fancy

I can have, it is readily available to me

From decadent desserts to low sugar substitutes

I can pick healthy food and satisfy my taste buds too

But then there are days when the single brand of cookies that defined

Snacking in my childhood comes to my mind

And the freedom of choice afforded to my palate appears

Quite meaningless, as I hold the memory of that one brand dear


There are objects to buy, things that I need everyday

Which one to buy- the plethora of choices blows my mind away

Precious hours I spend in reading reviews online

Still never certain that the product I finally find

Is genuinely the best, or my decision has been swayed

By clever marketing tactics, or complicated games played

By colossal corporations and search engines working in collusion

I don’t know if being a savvy consumer is just an illusion..


Then there is this pandemic we are dealing with now

Complaining that quarantine measures do not allow

Us to have unlimited choices in the way we had supposed

Was our fundamental right, we grumble about the restrictions imposed

Yet the choices that we still have today

Are such that they still allow us to get away

With behavior that undermines the greater good

We still do what we like, not what we should..


Freedom of choice is a gift, a blessing in many ways

But in excess it becomes counterproductive, I would say

We are spoiled by choices excessive

I think I would like to try to live

With fewer choices- so that I can eliminate

Chaos from my life, live in a more peaceful state..

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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