Superwoman in-charge

The socio-economic fallout of the Coronavirus pandemic has been highest on women, who are juggling an ever-increasing burden of responsibilities.

During coronavirus, working moms are tested in unprecedented ways, juggling  jobs and childcare - The Washington Post

The world is in a state of pandemonium

She stands erect, as the custodian

Of her family, fiercely protective

Managing somehow to stay productive

Juggling virtual meetings, virtual schooling and more

Conjuring new tricks to keep children from getting bored

Whipping up meals varied and nutritious

Obsessing over symptoms of illness suspicious

Spending time and energy in taking precautions

To prevent the dreaded illness, to the point of exhaustion

Multitasking has now been elevated to a level new

Between zoom meetings there is household work to do

In her pre-pandemic life, work-life balance was difficult to achieve

That things could get worse, she might not have previously believed

Now work-life separation has been effaced

Her dining table has become her new workplace

Yet hurtling down the roller-coaster of her day

Reeling from fatigue, she has this to say-

Her family is safe and healthy-that’s all that counts

Every other obstacle, she is willing to surmount..


In these trying times, it’s essential to find gratitude

To all the superwomen out there, this is my tribute..

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