COVID changed my life..

I was afraid, I could not breathe

Wrecked by the virus, my insides did seethe

Fever, fatigue, cough, and constant fear

That the illness could turn more severe

In my illness-driven haze I prayed

Fervently, dreading deterioration delayed

Yet hopeful that I would come out alive

And perfectly healthy- wasn’t I just naive…


Of course I survived, as you already know

After 14 days, I was supposed to be ready to go

Run around, catch up on all the work-hours lost

I felt much better, I did not initially realize the cost

Of this infection, but with the passage of time

I did not get better, there was a subtle decline

Until I ended up hospitalized, in a shape worse

I felt like I was by the virus accursed


More assaults on my body, medications and such

I improved very slowly, but not all that much

Going back to work even after weeks did seem

Impossible to contemplate- a distant dream

Weird aches, brain fog and cough

Ravaged me constantly, making life tough

Short-term disability threatened to run out

I woke up to the reality that I would soon be left without

A job, health insurance, or money to pay

The outstanding bills that accumulated each day

Applying for long-term disability was imminent

Before I became completely indigent


I am a broken man- in body and spirit

I shuffle slowly on oxygen, frequently stop to sit

My vague symptoms seem to have no cure

I am tired of going through revolving clinic doors

No longer just a COVID survivor, as I initially recall

I am a COVID long-hauler- that’s what I am now called

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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