You can do it all..

That idea never entered my mind

After all, my life was defined

By the mantra, you can do it all

Reach the glass ceiling, break every wall..

The idea that this could be a lie

The idea that the bar could be set unreasonably high

Was outside my sphere of comprehension

I would do it all, it was my intention


Despite roadblocks along the way

Nothing in the world would let me sway

Away from the path that quite frankly appeared

To be the only one, nothing else was feasible, I feared

So I played by the rulebook, doing everything right

Good grades, good college, good ethics, the goal in sight


As time went by responsibilities grew

Raising a family in the suburbs was a challenge new

Juggling a career where I hoped to make a mark

While caring for the home was no walk in the park

To succeed at work I had to pretend I did not

Have childcare responsibilities, even as I sought

To raise my children by modern parenting guidelines

With supervision at every level, paying attention to details fine

Healthy snacks, enrollment in activities, involvement

In PTA activities, fundraisers, school projects- all this meant

A never-ending race against energy and time

While dealing with subtle signs of age-related decline

That had to be minimized or hidden at every cost-

With make-up, hair color, exercise- meaning more time lost

In doing busywork, leaving no time to spare

To think, indulge or relax, or practice self-care


Then there was the omnipresent social media ostentation

That I could not ignore- the pinterest faces of self-promotion

That seemed to show that there were women like me

Who had it all pulled together, quite neatly


I wonder if it’s only partially true

That women can do it all-yes they can do

All the things I have mentioned, just not all together

Given time and space, any storm they can weather

It is time to demolish the myth once and for all

Let hard-working mothers take charge, before they fall

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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