Mindful multitasking- an oxymoron

Armed with my oven, instant pot, microwave

Three dishes cooking at once- thinking of the time I can save

I pat myself on my back, now it is time

To listen to a podcast as I chop vegetables fine

Trying to learn something new while I cook several meals

This is multitasking at its finest, what’s the big deal?

Vegetables chopped, oil heated, left to cook on slow flame

Different timers beep, and the noise I blame

For distracting me from my podcast as I remove

Food from respective containers, I need to move

Fast to prevent the stuff on stovetop from burning

All this while about mindfulness I am learning

Children come running in from playing outside

Ravenous as ever, I take a detour to provide

Crepes freshly prepared on the griddle

While children talk loudly and with gadgets fiddle

Still juggling food preparation, clean-up and such

I manage to scarf down my meal, not enjoying it much

Despite it being a favorite dish of mine

To sit and savor food- that’s left for another time

Rewind the podcast because I missed most of it

As I load the dishwasher, wondering when I can sit..

Children need help with homework, I divert my attention

To helping them, it takes some time to achieve comprehension

Of the help that is needed, by now forgotten lies

My podcast, there is no time to listen to advice

Regarding mindfulness, when my mind is occupied

In multiple directions, I just go mindlessly along for the ride

As I wind down in the kitchen I hear the cell phone ring

Oh I am on call for my patients; so dropping everything

I make a beeline to answer the phone with hands dough-smeared

I am lucky, the reason for call is simpler than I feared…


The day ends in a blur, I am still relieved

At having accomplished multiple tasks, I believe

That multitasking is a skill that I am improving upon

Yet I wonder where the minutes and hours have gone

Remember my original goal was to learn more

About mindfulness- that was the last thing I could explore

Today- the day was spent as mindlessly as could be

Under the guise of multitasking efficiently

As I drift off to sleep, these words from the podcast I hear-

Multitasking is a myth- the message resonates loud and clear

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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