Laments of a wannabe social media influencer..

The power of social media increases day by day

How do you engage with the world in a meaningful way

On various social media outlets out there

How do you let the world know that you care

About certain things, ideas, happenings around

How do you refrain from adding to the noise, but still make a sound

Loud enough for people to hear amid the cacophony

Find a balance between authenticity and raking in money?


There are influencers all around with engaging content

With millions of followers, their lives are probably spent

On social media for the world to see

In their stride they take any form of publicity

While the accolades are high, criticism can be scathing too

Placing yourself out there is scary, it’s true

The pressure of social media makes people attempt

Every trend to increase visibility, more time is spent

In packaging old stuff than creating content unique

Because authenticity garners less followers and more critique..


I can go on and on, but the one positive I see

Is that an ordinary person can achieve the status of a celebrity

Social media platforms, despite many ills,

Create the most democratic playing field still..

Thus here I am, posting content no one reads

In the distant hope that someone would like my instagram feeds…

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

5 thoughts on “Laments of a wannabe social media influencer..

    1. Thank you for your encouragement! As an introvert at baseline and now with the pandemic, I have been trying to reach out to people via social media but have not been successful in general. I am trying to post content in a more aesthetically pleasing way, and have learnt some stuff at least.

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      1. I’m an introvert, too, so one post a day (weekdays only!) is it for me. I honestly don’t know how those ‘influencers’ do it. I follow some on Bloglovin’ and cringe at how open their lives are. Count me out! I could not do what they do. And I am fine with it. I enjoy your posts, so keep on, please!

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