Exit the echo chamber..

We all have our opinions and our woes

Often we find ourselves in the throes

Of impassioned discussions on social media platforms

Where opinions are vociferous, but participants not fully informed

The written word seems to have power unique

To evoke strong emotions, polarize, force most people to speak

In a way that reflects their misconceptions

Their biases, tribalism, and flawed perceptions

Until the discussion gets too heated to continue

The moderator mutes/deletes/removes members few


Such battles are played out every day

Having participated in many, I don’t know the right way

To deal with such discussions, should dissenting voices be

Silenced to preserve the narrative of the majority?

Or should different viewpoints be considered with respect

As participants look at the issue from a different aspect

Of course this does prolong the debate

And the anger that has erupted does not dissipate


You might give sage advice to abstain

From social media battles, but then, once again

Avoidance of conflict to keep everyone on terms amicable

Is a superficial measure, sweeping dirt under the table

To ignore the influence of social media, I would say

Is to deny the reality of our lives today


I think when an opposite viewpoint we see

We should acknowledge our discomfort, and be

More willing to understand that opinion, and not react

Immediately with a rebuttal- as if our opinions are facts

Diverse experiences, opinions and thoughts

Should thrive, echo chambers social media platforms should be not..

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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