One small encounter…

This poem took a life of its own. I started off thinking about one person going above and beyond at work trying to help someone and feeling good about it, and ended up writing about the interaction igniting a movement-this in the end became a celebration of great things happening when women support women..I can only dream of something like this in real life!

It was so easy to say,

“This is not my job” that day

The client needed assistance, it was clear

But her need was outside the sphere

Of my work duties, I would not be looked at unfavorably

For not providing requisite assistance, you see…


I prepared to conclude the meeting, expressing regret

I stopped to look at her face, and I shall never forget

The juxtaposition of sadness and self-respect that was revealed

On her countenance, she had solemnly appealed

Before me her case, without being angry or shedding copious tears

Something about her poise unsettled me, after all these years

I still remember how her demeanor made me feel

I had to find a way to help her, it was an epiphany revealed


Where there is a will, there is a way

That is what the wise always say

To find a solution, once I made up my mind

The path became clearer, the purpose well-defined

It turned out to be an issue larger in magnitude

Than I had thought during that interlude

I got drawn into an issue that somehow turned out

To be eerily close to my heart, no doubt

This was my fate, how it was meant to be

I was destined to drift into this uncharted territory


I am an ordinary person and never thought I could inspire

A whole movement, but that was how fate conspired

She and I joined hands to fight the establishment

That had created her original predicament

Our efforts succeeded beyond our imagination

As more women joined us we became an organization

One thing led to another, we gathered enough momentum

To change laws, transform lives, we have become

A women-centric force to reckon with today

I thank the powers above that she crossed my way…

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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