Hello, I am your doctor..


I know you are worried I do not fulfil

Your criteria- I can see I do not instil

Confidence in you that  I am capable

Of  taking excellent care of you, that I am able

To diagnose and treat your condition-

You might not have chosen me of your volition


But you were forced to make a compromise

Between timely referral and me, I surmise…

Probably I am the wrong gender and size

The wrong accent, wrong physical attributes, I realize

I hardly resemble the image you have in mind

Of a distinguished middle-aged male with eyes kind

And a soft-spoken manner; with which he can claim

Your complete trust and respect- I do not blame

You for feeling that way- that is the stereotype

Perpetuated by media- yet there is no one prototype

Of a good physician; we happen to be as diverse

As the rest of the denizens of this universe.


So here I am, my petite frame stretched in attention

To your complaints, concerns, apprehensions

I know you are gravely ill, and in distress

Your condition is one I am equipped to address

I might have an accent but know what I tell you 

Is based on up-to-date knowledge, backed by experience too

Because I know you do not intrinsically trust me

Know that I shall be as thorough as a physician can be

Your preconceived notions challenge me to do my best

I know that on a perfect image I cannot rest

Let me tell you- since I do not conform to a stereotype

I’ve had to work harder to earn my stripes

I hope you look past my physical attributes and see

That you shall be treated as well as you deserve to be.


Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

6 thoughts on “Hello, I am your doctor..

    1. If you look for the image of a doctor on google images, you get a certain prototype. However I am happy to report that this issue is getting a fair amount of attention these days. Our professional organization last year had a male doctor of color on its website (probably a majority); this year it was a female doctor of color (females are underrepresented in my specialty).

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      1. I had to stop and think. Of all the docs I go to, my only female doctor is my internal medicine doctor. My husband goes to her, too. All the rest are males.


  1. Hmm …and you prove your patients notion wrong with your knowledge and expertise. You always took the road less taken to fullfil your dreams. My best wishes for you always.


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