In search of solutions..

I think of myself as someone

Who solves problems as they come

In to the issue at hand I immerse

Myself headlong, before things get worse

I want to find a workable solution

Using my knowledge, skills and intuition..


I used to think of all problems as simply

Challenges to be faced undauntedly

I thought problems would have solutions perfect

That could be found if one took the effort to inspect

All facets of a problem, like a mathematical equation

The solution would fit in neatly in its place of designation


I truly wonder how I held on to this warped view

For as long as I did, since it is definitely not true

That problems in life come with solutions tidy

Real world problems are multidimensional and messy

Entangled in a web of human emotions complicated

With variables whose values cannot be calculated

Reasoning sometimes does not work at all

As you get bombarded with multiple curveballs


To my scientific mind the realization that there might not be

Solutions to some problems caused consternation initially

Just existing in a crisis without being proactive

Guided by faith alone seemed rather primitive

When faced with such problems difficult to solve

At first I fought hard, it was my resolve

To do everything I could in my power to get through

I had no patience, my futile efforts worsened the situation too

Until I learnt that sometimes the best course of action

Is to wait for the storm to pass, in judicious inaction

Without exhausting emotional energy or resources

Simply believe in a higher power and submit to the forces..


Maybe the perfect solution does not exist in the imagined way

But eventually out of darkness emerges a new day

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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