Finding my Tempo Giusto- Part 4. Going Slow..

In my orbit people happen to be

Type A personalities, overachievers mostly

I am one of them, I must state

We like a thousand things on our plate

On the thrill of accomplishment we thrive

Working tirelessly, motivated by inner drive

We take pride in how much we can do

In a short period of time, with hours of sleep few

This was me, hurtling through life at a dizzying pace

Fueled by caffeine and ambition, I left no space

To pause, sit around, spend time on leisure

Work defined me, that was my source of pleasure..


The pandemic brought challenges especially in my work sphere

Now the concept of work became shrouded in fear

When in survival mode you are forced to operate

The thrill of achieving new targets dissipates

Saving patients while protecting ourselves too

Was the only thing that mattered, I did not have a clue

Initially how to adapt to this unfamiliar world

I took things day by day as the pandemic unfurled

All goals and plans suddenly lost their value

I gradually learnt to live in the moment too..


With the whole world under unprecedented duress

There was nobody left to impress

Thus I relaxed, as I let go

Of expectations, started going with the flow

Found more “downtime”, to simply sit and daydream

Found the value of rest and relaxation, it did seem

The creative side of me that had been buried under work pressure

Got a new lease of life, and became a source of pleasure

In the midst of pain that work forced me to see

I came to embrace slow living gradually…

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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