An Appeal from Health Care Workers

We thought since we had been given the privilege

Of making a difference to the lives

Of people ill, suffering, in pain

Since we could sometimes help the fortunate ones survive…

That we would have endless patience and empathy

For those suffering, our raison d’etre is to heal

Our profession and passion are aligned towards one goal

To alleviate suffering, we would always work with zeal..


The pandemic arrived to put to test

Our skills, our empathy, our resilience

Fearful for our families and ourselves too

We worked in the face of stress immense

Our hearts broke seeing patients struggle to breathe

People dying all alone- it was hard to witness

We climbed on a learning curve steep

We held on to hope while feeling helpless..

Hope that science would come to our defense

The unwavering belief that soon we would

Have vaccines effective, scientists were hard at work

With vaccines in hand, defeat the virus we would..


Our belief in science was upheld- in less than a year

Vaccines highly effective were on the horizon

We felt hopeful, as we battled politics and disease

That over the virus victory we had won

Believing in science, most of us did not

Think twice about getting the precious shot

We stood behind science, behind vaccination

This was the only way the virus could be fought


We knew the virus would mutate

We knew we had to mitigate

Its spread- we knew it was essential to vaccinate

A large percentage of the population- now it is too late…

We are back to square one, but this wave

Was preventable, if only people would get the vaccine

We are angry, exhausted, disheartened now

We hoped this would not happen, but it was not unforeseen


Pray that we retain empathy when we try to treat

Unvaccinated patients with therapies “experimental” too

Pray that our resilience is not challenged

Past the breaking point- we have a lot more to do…

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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