Life in Shortcut

Skimp on a step, find a shortcut again

The elaborate methods cause too much pain

Abbreviated phrases, vowels dropped out

Are faster to type without a doubt

Use the chopper, microwave, instant pot

Flavor sacrificed, but the thought

Of saving time occupies my mind

No gourmet meals, but more time I can find

To devote to the million things I have to do-

Use robotic vacuums, multitask in cleaning too

Try to read while running on the treadmill

With one stone of time, two birds I can kill

Listen to a journal article as a podcast

While my dinner is prepared fast

Finish a work-day, take that flight red-eye

Attend a meeting, return, on a caffeine-filled high

Time is a luxury, never enough

Without finding shortcuts, life would be tough…


My instant-mix kind of life carries a cost

Any sense of pleasure in daily life is lost

Food prepared by oversimplification

Is less aromatic, provides less gratification

The mis-spelt words of texts are unsettling to me

This was not what the Queen’s language was supposed to be

Robots can clean, but I do miss

Scrubbing a corner clean, and the resulting bliss..

Do I listen to microwave beeps or data scientific

One of these I certainly have to pick

The enthusiasm with which a new article I would read

Has been lost to the myth of multitasking indeed…


So I have decided to choose an area each week

Where I don’t cut corners, I don’t seek

Time-saving tactics, rather follow elaborate

And complete methods, I can proudly state

That the time-tested methods yield results that are

More satisfying, more soul-stirring, by far

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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