I am not rude, my enemy is food!

NaBloPoMo 2021

The cultural connotations of eating together are obvious, but some people may have life threatening allergies, conditions like celiac disease or even gross intolerances to certain foods that they are unwilling to disclose to casual acquaintances. This poem echoes their sentiment (inspired by a description of life with celiac disease).

It’s that anxiety provoking time for me

When I try to fill my plate and sit down nervously

I was having fun at the party so far, but now

Comes the hard part for me- I cannot allow

Myself to be carried away at the smell and sight

Of gourmet food, I have to ensure I eat right

I am used to it now, actually, it’s easy enough to be judicious

But eating in company, with a spread of food delicious

Is my worst nightmare, I get socially awkward

I try to justify why I am “eating like a bird”


I am not on a diet to lose weight, but my

Vociferous explanation no one does buy

When people say one bite would not lead to weight gain

I feel frustrated, it is difficult to explain

Why I cannot partake of this communal activity

Why eating certain things is forbidden for me

No, I am not trying to say the food is not good

If I could eat even a little bit of everything, taste it I would

It is not as simple as making up for calories

With a more intense workout next day, hear me please

I tense up just thinking of the consequence if I

Exercised indiscretion even once, the stakes are too high

If I give into peer pressure and take but a bite

I would be sick pretty soon, I keep that in sight


When people finally hear me, to help me they try

They offer to fix something else for me, and suddenly I

Become the object of attention, feeling much worse

For creating such a fuss, my dietary restriction is a curse

I still end up disappointing them anyway

I wish the subject of food would go away


Sitting together to eat and sharing food are

The most universal social customs by far

Celebration involves dining together inevitably

What should bring joy provokes anxiety regrettably

Here’s a plea to everyone- if you ever see

Someone looking anxious at a table with a plate empty

Try, if you can, to refrain from offering them food

And if they refuse, know that they are not being rude..

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

One thought on “I am not rude, my enemy is food!

  1. That has got to be, not only hard, but also dangerous for you. Why can’t people just say ‘OK’ and let it drop? I’ve been vegetarian for most my life, and still I get comments like, ‘you have no idea what you’re missing (the turkey/gravy).’ Good luck!

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