Value my Art

Someone composed a song, and I happened to listen

To that song at a moment in time chosen

By fate such that my melancholic disposition that day

Resonated perfectly with the timber of the song in every way

The lyrics, the music, the haunting melodious voice

Struck a chord deep, leaving my eyes moist

Soul-stirring is how I would describe the effect

The song had on me, I did not expect

That a work of art could leave me spellbound

It was a transcendental experience profound

Since then many times I have heard the song

Without knowing how to sing, I can still sing along

Each time it is a salve for my hurting soul

Each time it makes my broken spirit whole


One day I found to my dismay

That despite the accolades that had come his way

The songwriter /composer had lived a life of penury nonetheless

Faced financial hardships throughout and died penniless..

His artist’s soul did not know how to sell

His art to put food on the table, therefore he fell..


How do you attach a value to such art?

For me it was priceless, it warmed my despondent heart

His songs stirred millions of souls everywhere

That he lived in poverty was outrageously unfair

True art is precious, to be celebrated

Gifted artists need to be venerated

And recognized for the value they bring

To the world- because a beautiful thing

Remains a joy forever, we know

Let artists thrive, let their art grow..

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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