The Myth of Self-Care

There must be something wrong with me

I am probably of selfishness an epitome

Like women all around, able I should be

To put my family’s needs at all times before me

I try hard, but sometimes I need a break

Some time for myself, for sanity’s sake

But the cycle of household chores and raising children

Is never-ending, I procrastinate by telling myself that when

Dinner and homework are done and children asleep

Some dedicated time for self-care I would keep

But workplace tasks that I have left incomplete

Have to be finished first- each day the cycle repeats

And I end up never being able to carve out

Time for self-indulgence, the only thing I can do without

And when once in a blue moon I find

An opportunity for self-care, my pre -conditioned mind

Is ready to admonish me for neglecting my household

My precious children need me more, I have been told

And if I missed a child’s important game just for self-care

Profound guilt would destroy any potential benefit, I’m quite aware


There are rare days when I sneak in me- time successfully

Without worrying about my family or feeling guilty

I take those moments as gifts bestowed on me

My family is my priority, to think otherwise

is still a travesty

Someday I resolve to find time adequate

To fulfill my duties, and guilt-free space for myself create….

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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