Pandora’s box of the pandemic

The world seemed calm but there was simmering discontent

Then the pandemic happened- one we could not prevent

The Pandora’s box of evils flung open, taking the world by storm

Like an erupting volcano, lava shot up to cause unprecedented harm

A shapeshifting virus has been holding us hostage for nearly two years

We try to claim victory, but each new variant brings fresh fears…

Pandora’s box did not release just the virus though

It brought all kinds of other miseries in tow

Social and economic inequality, the chasm between

The haves and have-nots no longer remains unseen

Power, greed, economic interdependence, global warming and more

Have all been brought by the pandemic to the fore

The fury of the natural world has been revealed

We have learnt the hard way the power that non-humans can wield


When Pandora’s box had opened to release all the ills

An antidote had appeared at the end to kill

Some of the misery in the form of Hope fairy

Similarly the one redeeming feature of the pandemic one can see

Is Hope in action, to make the world a slightly better place

As the world collectively continues to face

The greatest disaster of modern times, Hope has remained

That one constant companion for those in pain

Hope has helped us create vaccines, search without pause

For novel treatments against the disease, because

We hope our resourcefulness will triumph one day

We’ve learnt to work in creative socially distanced ways

We’ve learnt a few lessons in humanity too

Coronavirus has become the great leveler, it’s true


Each time Pandora’s box opens and havoc creates

Hope appears to carry us through, misery alleviate

With renewed hope, I visualize a better tomorrow

A beautiful dawn shall await after a night of sorrow

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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