It’s Complicated…

(My relationship with my birth country)

Relationships can be complicated, I’m aware

The most complicated relationship I have, I must declare

Is with my birth country, my motherland

It has taken me a while to understand..

My love for India should unconditional be

At least that’s what I would like, but unfortunately

As an outsider, my perception has morphed, I would say

I can see things that I did not see yesterday

Then I realize I am judging through a foreign lens

I feel like a traitor, but in my defense

I can separate fact from misconception

Unlike a true foreigner’s perception

That could be biased, past the stereotypes I can see

And recognize the actual ills that plague my birth country

Let me say it hurts deeply to recognize

Anything that tarnishes the image of India in my eyes

I am tempted to “rectify” the issue immediately

To suit my westernized sensibility

Then I remind myself of all the complexities that make

India so unique, and lasting change does take

A change in the zeitgeist, when ideas and resources converge

In a land where the past, present and future seamlessly merge..

I feel a twinge of sadness for what as a flaw I perceive

But refrain from trying to voice what I believe

Going down my chain of thoughts, I am reminded once again

That what you love deeply causes you the most pain…

I remind myself that I love India not because

I am oblivious of its shortcomings, but in-spite of its flaws

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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