Fashion- forward, not fashion “fast”

(The hidden cost of fast fashion)

I have a gathering to attend

It is important that I spend

Some of my (hard-earned) money to buy

A new outfit, because how can I

Repeat an outfit worn previously

We are going to take pictures obviously

That would, on social media sites be displayed

Comparisons between the last party and this one would be made

It’s an unwritten rule to not repeat an outfit

I care for my image, I don’t want to be a misfit


I am not a movie star or royalty, and so

Moolah on designer clothes I cannot throw

I buy an inexpensive (but stylish) dress

It does make me look good, I confess

Made in a country on the planet’s other side

This designer knock-off is perfect for a few wears, I decide

Fast fashion allows me to acquire

On a budget, the celebrity looks I desire


On the other side of the planet, hidden away

In a sweatshop, she toils every day

All of thirteen, she leaves school to come here

Perform back-breaking labor, in constant fear

Of being abused, injured, or not being paid what is due

Risking fire, toxic fumes, other hazards too

She distracts herself from her miserable fate

She imagines wearing the dresses they create


I garnered attention at the party in my beautiful dress

The photographs were brilliant, the event was a success

I wore the dress again a few months later elsewhere

I snagged a button and the stitching unraveled out of nowhere

The dress had served its purpose anyway

So without second thoughts I threw it away


My discarded dress that served me well for a night

Now languishes in a huge landfill, an ugly sight

It was made of polyester, so it would stay

For hundreds of years without decomposition or decay


All I wanted was to look good for one event

Social or environmental exploitation was never my intent

Yet my ignorance and my selfish motives were tied

To child labor, exploitation, environmental pollution worldwide

Once I learnt this, I felt a pang of remorse

I decided to completely reverse my course


I am learning to repeat outfits (creatively)

I am learning to buy quality over quantity

I look for clothing sustainably made

From natural fibers that can degrade

Clothing made in countries with sweatshops I no longer buy

Of course my new clothes are priced high

So I buy less, sometimes buy from vintage stores

By leaving fast fashion, I’ve realized less is more

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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