Mommy wants to cry…

Yes I am upset and I want to shed

Copious tears right now; instead

I control my emotions at the cost

Of being distracted, distant and lost

In my reverie, not listening to you

My patience runs thin, I snap at you too

But I am your mother and you should not

See me being weak, is what I’ve been taught

Seeing me upset, watching me cry

Would upset you too, that is why

I should sulk in private, after you go to bed

My own worries I should completely forget

As I step into a mother’s role for you

I should be able to separate the two

Facets of my life, as a mother and a person

A mother should be infallible, make mistakes none

But when I try to display a stoic side

My true emotions with difficulty I hide

My burden I am unable to relieve

Without crying, without being able to grieve

I shut down and emotionally unavailable become

At least to weakness I do not succumb..


I wonder though if it is really that bad

To cry before my child, to show him I am sad

By never crying before him, I reinforce

That emotions should not be displayed, but inside yourself forced

Each of us is vulnerable, should children not see

Our imperfect sides, our vulnerability?

I worry if I hide my emotions by keeping a distance

My child would do the same when upset, as a mechanism of defense

Then I would never know what’s bothering him at all

I would not be able to guide him when he falls..


I am upset, my child, let me cry

I feel hurt, I shall not lie

I promise I’ll feel better after shedding a few tears

I am all right, just sad, do not fear..

Once I dry my eyes, I would be able to spend

Quality time with you, my little friend

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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