Live Fast?

Driven by an inexplicable sense

Of urgency, I live in perpetual impatience

An instant noodle kind of life I desire

To complete tasks fast I am wired

I cannot wait for websites to load

Or for traffic lights to turn green on the road

My thoughts outrun my fingers on the keyboard

If I have to wait a few minutes, I get bored

I walk and talk fast, my mind stays

One step ahead of the moment, always

Life seems like a race, I dutifully run

Without ever feeling like I have won..


Of course when I sprint too fast I stumble

In trying to convey my racing thoughts I fumble

For appropriate words, I slow down for a while

When this happens, but being slow is not my style

I pick up again with renewed speed

I feel compelled to run indeed..


Of course in my life this advice I have heard

Slow down, look at details, read through every word

Sometimes I slow down, sometimes my impatience

Does not allow me to alter my speed, my friends

At times my sense of urgency puts undue duress

On my colleagues and peers, then I confess

I decide I am going to change my ways

But alas! The need to run inside me stays!


Perhaps there is a deep-seated fear

That I need to address here…

While the run is exhilarating, it is stressful too

To stop and contemplate is not something I do

Maybe someday I shall be forced to go slow

When the moment arrives, I hope I would know..

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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