Toxic Positivity

I know what I am going to say here

May be misconstrued, but let me be clear

I am neither depressed nor a pessimist

Only, in a constant state of happiness I don’t exist

“You should be happy in every circumstance ”

Is the mantra doled out, but I take a different stance

Why would humans have evolved to experience

An entire gamut of emotions intense

If the only purpose of life is to be happy

What purpose is served by sadness, anger or envy?

You are told to cover up whatever you feel

Swiftly, express positivity, and conceal

Any negative emotions or thoughts in your mind

In every dismal situation, happiness you should find

While the intention behind this advice

Is noble, the pressure to be happy exacts a price

It may invalidate genuine grief for someone

Amplify guilt for not choosing a positive emotion

Lead to avoidance of feelings uncomfortable

Limit true growth, denial of true emotions enable..

When people are going through intense personal distress

Telling them to simply choose happiness

Is like shaming them for not being positive-

This is toxic positivity, it is not conducive

For a healthy mental balance where each emotion

Can be experienced and expressed without reservation…

Forced positivity in the face of times that are tough

Is something I reject, I feel overwhelmed when the going is rough

Yes I hope for a silver lining to my cloud of despair

But I am sad, I’m grieving, for happiness I don’t care…

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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