Finding my way- from my heart into the world

If you are lost in the world around you

Maybe there are cues that you can use to

Find your way back to the path you were on

But what do you do when you feel lost and forlorn

From within, when the routes in your heart and mind

Run in different directions and you cannot find

A coherent way forward amid the chaos

Conflicting paths seems to criss-cross

Leaving you rudderless and in a drift

How then, from confusion to directed goals you shift?

The vicious cycle of a lack of direction

That further erodes your attention

Makes it increasingly difficult to wade

Through the maze that has been more complicated made


How do you find a way, from inside out

A clear path forward, not riddled with doubt

This was the question my anxious mind

Had for years been trying to find

I read extensively and tried to imbibe

Conventional wisdom from my tribe

The conclusion however remained but one

This battle had to be in isolation won


One day I just closed my eyes to the mayhem around

Gave my thoughts a “time-out”, and found

Emptied out of racing thoughts, my mind seemed to be

Calm, peaceful, ready to think coherently

Nothing earth-shattering happened that day

But it altered the course of my life in a huge way

The merits of meditation were revealed to me

As I meditated every day, an emerging path I could see

This way forward emerged from within my heart

I embarked on the path, it was a good start

And have not looked back since then

I carry within me my personal heaven

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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